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The Story Behind ADR

A Virtual Holistic Center

The creation of Abundantly Developed Roots, LLC emerged from the founder’s life-long inspiration to provide accessible holistic health options to people from all walks of life.

Abundantly Developed Roots (ADR) is a virtual holistic center, where you are “the center”. Here our experts in various modalities assist you in promoting not only optimal health, but help you to access your innate abilities to heal yourself.

ADR promotes healing by integrating ancient and natural modern modalities to ensure clients are able to overcome various forms of life struggles and process their healing in a holistic natural way, as intended by Source. Our staff is waiting to assist you with customizing and implementing a holistic and wholesome plan to help you evolve your mind, body and spirit to promote optimal and divine healing.


Providing natural holistic healing for a healthy evolution.


It is our primary goal at ADR to provide education and natural healing to the military, first responders, health care workers, educators and their families to ensure they can continue performing their mission.

It is our focus to ensure that the next generation is also equipped early in their developmental stages with knowledge, wisdom and guidance, so that they are able to implement their own natural healing abilities. ADR staff continues to work diligently to contribute to developing ADR Seeds, a youth development program that focuses on improving the mind, body and spirit, while ensuring academic and personal success.

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