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ADR Welcomes Coach Cheyenne

We are excited to welcome Coach Cheyenne Polanco to the ADR Staff! This bright young lady is bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. We are looking forward to the amazing services and products she will be bring to the customers.

Cheyenne Polanco raised around beauty, whether that be surrounded by beautiful people or being in an environment that provided services to enhance one’s beauty. Her mother has been a licensed beautician for the greater part of her life and has had a several successful beauty shops, both in New York and Dominican Republic. Cheyenne was blessed enough not only to have inherited her talents, but to also have enough experience to add her own style to it. Throughout high school, Cheyenne worked in a salon and was able to gain knowledge on so many different elements of one’s appearance and how outer beauty truly impacts one's inner beauty and vice versa. With this understanding, came the want and need to help evolve the way people love themselves. In 2021, she graduated from Aveda Institute, where she earned her Esthetician license. With the background knowledge that she has about homemade products and the newly acquired knowledge from Aveda Institute, Cheyenne was able to cultivate products that are beneficial mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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Coach Cassy
Coach Cassy
Apr 12, 2022

Welcome Coaches!

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