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ADR Welcomes Coach JRadio

James has been the host of Live N The Day wit J Radio Show for over 10 years. Coach JRadio is from a small town named Dallas, no not Texas, the other one, by way of North Carolina. In this small town, James had to endure lots of issues that plague many communities across the nation thus leading him on an adventure throughout his life attempting to correct the many wrongs around him. James not only become an Educator, where he taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade middle school Business, but his passion for helping people has led him to fight for nonviolent behavior within many communities. James is actually tagged with creating the very first successful stop the violence march in the small town of Dallas NC history, with over 250 children Marching by his side. This is one of many accolades that he possesses as the ultimate fix for what moves him daily. James wanted to do more for people on a larger scale, that scale would be Radio. Though radio, he has been able to reach people from all over the world. Many listen to the advice and the words of encouragement that he gives and apply it to real life issues with outcomes of success. When asked, “Why did you Create a radio show?” James replied, “I created this show for the people. To give those that don't have a voice or platform a place to have that. A place to speak, a place to share, a place to cry, and ultimately, a place to heal because I love you with the greatest love I know. The love of God because he gives it to me each and every day”.

Stay tune to Coach JRadio on his weekly broadcast

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