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Abundantly Developed Roots....the app

Updated: May 2, 2021

As we get ready to launch our official website, we are ensuring that our customers are met with the best and most comprehensive experience to serve their needs.

Customers will be able to login to their own personal profile through the website, providing them with a secure individualized dashboard. While in the dashboard, you will notice that your information is synced to the mobile app.

What's in an app???

In the app, as well as the dashboard, you will be able to:

  • Track your weight and measurements

  • Calculate your BMI and calories

  • Track your food and drink intake

  • Track your workouts

  • Track your body's transformation

  • Have access to workout videos

  • Have access to meditation videos

  • Have access to guided meditation audios

  • Learn how to set goals

  • Learn how to overcome the things that keep you stuck

  • Find the motivation to accomplish the things you set your mind on

  • Realize your full potential by developing a daily routine that fulfills your purpose

  • Learn how to self-actualize and manifest the life you want

  • Gain an understanding of how your energy field works

  • Learn the meaning of chakras and how they impact your body

  • Learn how to release old patterns, habits and trauma

  • Have access to coaches, trainers, instructors, healers and much more by scheduling private one on one sessions or joining a pre-recorded group session

The ADR App brings holistic healing to the palm of your hands.

APP Splash 2021-01-09
Download PDF • 2.10MB

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